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Missionary Cay



All is not well, nor is it as it seems to be, in the quiet Bahamian fishing village  of Rock Point on Missionary Cay. This stunning murder mystery will keep you guessing.

When Sheila Woods flies from Toronto to the Cay, where she has rented a house in the small quaint village of Rock Point, little does she know that her life will change forever. One night, Sheila discovers her friend’s body with a knife embedded in her chest. Over the following months, Sheila conducts her own investigation into the murder, angering the locals, whose secrets impede her attempts to solve the crime.

Who committed the murder and why are the locals intent on suppressing or manipulating facts? Will Sheila’s persistent efforts to uncover the truth put her in danger?

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The Reviews Are In…


You have quite a knowledge of your subject and area so I suspect you spent some considerable time there. Look forward to the next book.

-Nora Jean McAdie, Toronto, Ontario


I loved reading the self-reflective thoughts in you narrator’s head.

-Bev May, Point Claire, Quebec


Different elements in this murder mystery contribute to its richness and the reader’s enjoyment: the momentum of the events, the characters and the detailed poetic description of island life.

-Jane Erb, St Thomas, Ontario


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